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Mobile Messaging for Software and Applications

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Mobile Messaging for Developers

SMS/MMS API for developers

TeleSign Mobile gives the global software developer community SMS gateway APIs, sample scripts and the world class support (at any time of day or night) to cost effectively and quickly enable applications, websites and back-office custom apps to start sending and receiving SMS, MMS and perform HLR Look Ups (Number Discovery).

Specifically, we provide:
  • Comprehensive documentation where needed
  • Near instantaneous SMS functionality to any Web site or application without complexity
  • Friendly, responsive and concise help when you need it from our international customer support team accessible from the TeleSign Mobile Command Centre
  • Global coverage of networks with 800+ operators in more than 200 countries
  • Support for dynamically specifiable originator(sender ID), number portability (number transfer), unicode, binary SMS, flash SMS, concatenated (extended length messages), VCard, VCal, OTA, WAP push, MMS and more!
  • Optional support for local time stamp where available

Learn more about TeleSign Mobile's SMS Gateway Integration in fully documented API manuals HTTP/S API, SMPP or browse our API sample scripts. Download any of our PDF brochures: